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The Marchigian Shoe: A Reason for Excellence

How is the most beautiful footwear in the world created? The Marches Region, which represents the most important district of footwear manufacturers in Italy, explains it at their stand in the Micam Shoevent.

On one end there are the “technical” reasons: a tradition in footwear dating way back in time, which has been able to covert itself into a futuristic industry; and which today is made up of 2500 companies, employs 35,000 people, and has a turnover of 13,200 million Euros.

Another reason is the existence of an “integrated economy” made up of some of the most important and qualified groups of companies in the world, lying between the Harbor of Sant’Elpidio and the Marches Civitanova, that produce components for footwear; and which are adjacent to one hundred or so of the important tanneries in Tolentino.

Last of all, the tendency towards internationalization has pushed footwear manufacturers in Marches to reorganize their facilities and operations, with the introduction of new technologies; insightful policies regarding marketing and quality, along with training courses and professional and managerial updating… On the other end, the reasons are vaguer: the air itself which can be breathed in the Marches, a mix of unforgettable landscapes, culture and history, and a taste for life… a melting pot which translates into creativity, esthetic tastes, and a capacity to innovate and enchant.

This is the reason why Marchigian footwear manufacturers have had so much success around the world! More than 80% of Marchigian production is, in fact, designated to foreign markets: Russia (15%), Germany (10%), France (9%), England (8%), U.S.A. (7%), The Netherlands (6%), and Asian countries (10% between China, Hong Kong, and Japan)… The international clientele also recognize and identify Marchigian footwear as a product of great quality, with a high fashion and glamour content, which they simply cannot do without! Reinforcing the success of the Marches footwear manufacturer’s district, is the Marches Region along with some sections of Fermo and Macerata Confindustria who, in collaboration with Anci - National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers, started up a series of projects geared towards internationalization and professional training.

“The goal is to give more force, cohesion, and capacity to the footwear manufacturer’s district - explains Arturo Venanzi, President of Confindustria Fermo - above all in this moment of crisis.

And with the goal of seeing not only the footwear manufacturer's district grow, but also the conservation and development of the entire supply chain: goals that we pursue in tight coordination with Confindustria Macerata and Anci, which is led today by a President of Marches origin, who is understanding of our requests: Cleto Sagripanti”.

As far as educational training is concerned there are different initiatives being proposed: “We need new managers, new generations which can guarantee the switch-over to the next generation - explains Fabrizio Donnari, Vice President of Confindustria Macerata - entrepreneurs and collaborators that know how to work side by side with them, by adopting new managing and production examples.

And so, we have created with Miur and Anci a Technical College ‘New technologies for Made in Italy’, in which we propose two advanced training courses that will start up this October: ‘Technical Processes and the Industrialization of Fashion Footwear', which will be held at ITIS Montani di Fermo and 'Technical Product Studies and Retail Management of Fashion Footwear', which will be held at the ITC Corridoni di Civitanova Marche.

We have also invested in the creation of the course 'Technical advancements for high-end products', and in training courses of 'Fashion Design Management' which will take place at Milan’s IED”.

“As far as internationalization is concerned - continues Fabrizio Donnari - in connection with Anci, we are doing a promotional campaign around the world; from emerging countries like China and Russia, which are by now the client of choice for many companies in Marches; to more traditional markets, supporting the missions and fairs.

A commitment that is always more and more important, since Ice no longer exits”.